About Us

Welcome to the Kansas Partners in Conservation and Community (KAN-PIC) MarketPlace & AuctionHouse!  KAN-PIC.org is a new online MarketPlace & AuctionHouse concept that was created specifically to fund conservation and community organizations and their projects. Instead of paying higher transaction and listing fees that go to profits of businesses out of state, this site is designed to provide inexpensive transaction fees for local folks and does not charge listing fees or any fees against merchant shipping charges.  

KAN-PIC's transaction fees are only 5% and are built directly into the sellers price.  The seller is credited with a 5% tax-deductible donation at the time of each sale*.    

  • 1% of all sales will go to a conservation or community group selected by the seller;
  • 1% of all sales goes to conservation and community projects of conservation or community groups selected by the seller;
  • 1% goes to maintenance, operation and promotion of KAN-PIC; 
  • 1% goes to the Kansas Alliance for Wetlands & Streams (KAWS) to coordinate conservation and community projects in Kansas;
  • 1% goes to the Kansas Alliance for Wetlands & Streams (KAWS) conservation and community project fund for Kansas.

The basic idea of KAN-PIC is that a seller "KAN-PIC" whichever conservation or community group it wishes to support.  The conservation or community group must simply have as its basic mission conservation or community philanthropy. All groups and work supported by KAN-PIC should meet the simple requirement of being "good for future generations" while conserving and preserving our natural heritage, the best of our communities and our natural resources that provide so much bounty to us.

KAN-PIC was also designed to support local and regional commerce of Kansas--folks on the ground just trying to make a decent living.  We are bringing an easy e-commerce site to local folks to sell used items in a highest bid auction in the AuctionHouse or as a fixed price in the MarketPlace. We envision the MarketPlace being used to sell locally grown or crafted products and offer a range of services in a variety of ways such as on-line communities, regional or product-based co-operatives or as individual store items.  If you have an idea for another category to be added to the MarketPlace or AuctionHouse, please share it with us and we will add it to the site.

Sellers use PayPal (a secure ecommerce service) or credit cards through PayPal for payments from buyers.  This provides a form of secure transactions for both buyers and sellers.

The Kansas Alliance for Wetlands & Streams (KAWS) saw a growing need to support the good work of conservation and community groups in Kansas and their projects as well as folks trying to make a decent living in local places, and KAN-PIC was conceived.  The work of KAWS is based on partnerships so it only made sense to develop a way to support our partners in conservation and community organizations, the good work that they do, and the local folks of our Kansas communities. 

Buyers, sellers, fundraisers and conservation & community groups join us at KAN-PIC: "A MarketPlace & AuctionHouse for the Good of Kansas Conservation and Communities!"

* Note that sellers are credited with a donation to a 501.C.3 educational public charity for 5% of all of their sales because they are choosing to make this donation to the conservation or community group of their choice through the Kansas Alliance for Wetlands and Streams (KAWS) when they sell through KAN-PIC.    All sellers should confer with their tax consultant to ensure that all of their 5% donations will be tax deductible, which could vary due to the size of the donated amount and the income derived from the sales by the individual or business. Notification of 5% tax deductible donations occur via email sent regarding each transcation, with notice of the tax-dedutible amount (5%).  Sellers should retain receipts from emails to compile their tax deductions related to sales on KAN-PIC.